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Hello everyone! Welcome to my Nempa Blog. Nempa is a phrase taken from the Japanese for "Annual Passport." Here you'll find my comments and views on various things from Tokyo Disney Resort. I hope you enjoy it and visit often. Thank you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Boards Request: Jubilation! Ending

Some posters in the LaughingPlace.com Discussion Boards asked about the ending of the Jubilation! parade in Toontown. Here is a clip showing the final floats, dancers and their little performance before the gate closes:

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Resort Calendars Updated on JTCEnt.com

I've updated the event calendars for both Parks today. There's a lot of things going on with attraction maintenance, temporary shop closures and permanent closures. As always, just for informational purposes only, check the official site for the real deal, and please, no wagering. (wink)

Over at Tokyo Disneyland, Mickey Mouse Revue will be gone forever after the 25th along with two shops. A number of shops, restaurants and food carts will be closed for a short time from June to July or August. I've also added Park Hours information for November.

At Tokyo DisneySea, I've added new showtimes for all the shows including a couple that have returned to Lost River Delta. I also deleted an entry for the maintenance of "Leonardo's Challenge" which was posted last month. November Park Hours were also updated.

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Monsters, Inc. Sponsor Lounge on Deep Disney

nempaThe folks at Deep Disney have some behind the scenes pictures of the private lounge inside the Monsters, Inc. "Ride & Go Seek!" attraction. The ride's sponsor is Panasonic and its invited guests can visit the appropriately-adorned facility. Many other attractions at both Parks feature similar lounges as well.

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Official Site Updates (Apr 25 - May 1)

nempaCasbah Food Court Curry Buffet
Through May, the Casbah Food Court in Arabian Coast will offer an all-you-can-eat selection of curries. For ¥2,300, the buffet course offers 7 curry flavors, rice or nan, tandoori chicken, other side dishes and soft drinks. Offer only available from 5pm to 8pm daily.

Horizon Bay Character Dining
Have a meal with your favorite Disney characters at Horizon Bay Restaurant in Port Discovery. With a purchase of a special course for ¥2,940, Guests can sit in the character greeting section of the restaurant. See the schedule below for times:

May 1st、6th-8th、11th-15th、18th-22nd、25th-29th
May 2nd、4th-5th、9th-10th、16th-17th、23th-24th、30th-31st
May 3rd

Otomari Disney Screen Saver
(Disney Stay Screen Saver)

An original calendar screen saver (shown above) is available from the "Otomari Disney" vacation visit page. It features Mickey Mouse in his room getting ready to sleep. Screen savers are available for Windows and Mac users.

"Ho'ike at Tokyo Disneyland" Lineup Released
This year's lineup of performers for "Ho'ike at Tokyo Disneyland" at Plaza Terrace has been released. From May 7th to 31st, a different amateur group from around the country will perform a mini-show starting at 10:30pm each day. They will dance to Hawaiian and Disney music.

Magical Report: It's Showtime!
From January 19th to March 19th, Tokyo Disneyland hosted a series of amateur dance group shows as part of the Performers Dream Festival. Here is a report and pictures from one of the groups that did a show at the Lucky Nugget Stage: Salsa Brosita.

MiraCosta Book Cover Downloads
Downloads are available from the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta with the Spring Carnival theme and pictures of the Hotel. They can be printed out and made into book covers. So far, two designs have been released and one more is scheduled soon.

Start of Spring Menus at TDH
From May 1st to June 20th, the two restaurants and one lounge inside the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel are offering new selections for the beginning of spring. Sherwood Garden is specializing in ingredients popular in spring cuisine in both lunch and dinner courses. Canna has the "Pleasures of the Table" menu with a bottle of Pouilly-Fuisse Louis Jadot for ¥10,000. At Dreamer's Lounge, the ¥3,000 "Early Summer Afternoon Tea Set" has 25 items including finger sandwiches, scones, desserts and teas.

Mother's Day Recommendations
Tokyo DisneySea is a great place to take mother on Mother's Day. The page showcases popular shows, restaurants and photo spots for a memorable visit to Park.

Ambassador Style Campaign Update
More information is now available for the special menu campaign at Disney Ambassador Hotel. The current "season" is for Mickey Mouse and each eatery at the Hotel offers a unique menu item.

Minna no Taikendan
(Everyone's Words from Experience)

Visitors can submit their own stories online from previous Resort visits. This month's theme is "Rainy Day Fun!" Send in your memories and experiences from a wet yet fun day at the Parks. The deadline is Sunday, May 31st.

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Disney Fan (#203 - June 2009)

The newest issue of Disney Fan Magazine published by Kodansha was released on the April 22nd. It features Mike and Sully in front of the new attraction building at TDL. This month's issue (available for order from Amazon Japan) includes:

- Pictures of Monsters Inc. "Ride & Go Seek!" at TDL. Attraction-related merchandise, menus and campaigns.
- Guide for TDS's Spring Carnival. Special event-related merchandise, menus and campaigns.
- "Fun with Children at the Resort" information
- "Hot Hot Now!" introduces a new line of shirts and hats, some with a Westernland motif.
- There's a report on the "Disney Academy" for training new Cast Members.
- Small article on this year's Disney on Classic tour "Promise".
- Panasonic has a large advertising section featuring TDL.
- The "Disney Shin-Seiki" section is about Disney's Blu-ray Discs.
- The Sheet Music section has "We Rock" from the film "Camp Rock"
- "Disney Cafe Recipes" has a soy pulp and spinach donut in the shape of Mike Wazowski.
- "The Disney Store" prepares for Donald's Birthday with new merchandise.
- "Disney Fan Readers Selection: Disney's Best of Best" CD to be released on May 20th for ¥2,548.
- "My Tokyo Disney Resort" Issue #62 called "Tokyo Disney Resort New Attraction Guidebook"

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Spring Carnival (2009) CD Released

On April 22nd, the CD for TDS's Spring Carnival was released at the Resort (April 29th nationwide). It has two tracks including a bonus track for "Fly to Your Heart" from the "Tinker Bell" soundtrack. Below is more detailed information and to the right is the Amazon Japan link in case you'd like a copy for yourself.

Label / Distributor:
Walt Disney Records / Avex Records (AVCW-12718)
1. Fairies Primavera
(23:44; Fly to Your Heart / It's Spring / Spring Fever (Presley) / "Spring" (Vivaldi) / Springtime Jump / Spring (The Season for Love) / The Carnival of Spring)
2. Fly to Your Heart
(3:12; from "Tinker Bell")
Price: ¥2,100

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New Park Guide Designs (April)

From April 15th, both Parks unveiled new designs for the Guide Map and Today brochures. These are available free of charge for Guests at each Park with lots of information and show times. Guides are also available in English, Korean and Chinese.

Below are the Japanese guides for both Parks. The Guide Map is valid from April 15th to September 30th. The Today: Information and Entertainment guide is valid from April 22nd to 30th. While I enjoy the new design, I miss the Hidden Mickey's that used to be on the front of the TDS Guide Maps each time. Oh well.

nempa nempa
nempa nempa

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Official Site Updates (Apr 18 - Apr 25)

nempaHere's a list of recent updates on the official Japanese TDR website. As always, links are in Japanese.

Spring Carnival CD Released
Sold inside the Park one week before national release, this year's version features a new bonus track. The CD is available for sale at House of Greetings (TDL), Emporio (TDS), Bon Voyage and other locations around the Resort. Read our detailed report for this release.

Duffy Stories Wanted
Site visitors are encouraged to write their stories about Duffy and memories with the Disney Bear at the Park. From April 21st to July 31st, Guests can send in submissions via the online site. Selected entries will be posted on the site from late May to August.

Cape Cod Series Begins
To start the "Cape Cod Series", a the first in a series of Duffy costumes (pictured above) will go on sale from April 28th at Aunt Peg's Village Store. The costume set selling for ¥3,500 includes a hat, shirt, pants, apron, shoes and potted plant. A badge chain with a mini-Duffy in the new costume is also being sold for ¥1,300. New costumes in the series will go on sale on June 12th, July 17th, September 25th and November 27th.

Spring Carnival Wallpaper
Computer and mobile wallpaper can be downloaded featuring the Fairies in this year's Spring Carnival. Mac and PC versions available in 800x600 or 1024x768 sizes.

Watashi no Otomari Episode
(Anecdotes of My Stay)

Guests who have stayed at Disney-brand Hotels can submit short stories about their visit and recommended ideas. After sending in their anecodotes, they will be able to download a themed e-mail as a present.

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