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Tokyo Disney Resort News

2006 TDR Ambassador Candidate Announced

November 22nd, 2005

URAYASU, CHIBA - Oriental Land Company and Walt Disney Company have announced the 2006 Tokyo Disney Resort Ambassador. Naoko Sugiyama, Guest Information Cast Member at Tokyo DisneySea, was named as the main candidate to represent and promote the resort for 2006. She was selected from 120 candidates from around the Resort. Next year will mark the 5th Anniversary of Tokyo DisneySea's opening.

Name: Naoko Sugiyama
Age: 25
Birthday: August 12th, 1980
Born: Kanagawa Prefecture
Resides: Urayasu, Chiba
School: Hosei University (International Cultures graduate)
Hobbies: Listening to music, watching movies and stage productions
Favorite Attraction: Peter Pan
Favorite Show: Porto Paradiso Water Carnival

Why do you want to become a candidate?
From a young age, I have been a big fan of the World of Disney. And I have wanted to see the wonderful parades and shows the parks have to offer.

How did you feel about learning of your nomination?
I could not believe it and my eyes filled with tears.

From now until you're officially inducted next January, what will you do?
I have to get deeper knowledge of the entire Resort. And I will learn the etiquette and behavior of an Ambassador. It's a 3-month process.

What do you want to do the most in your capacity as Ambassador?
I'm looking forward to celebrating Tokyo DisneySea's 5th Anniversary along with our Guests.

Do you have any comments for Park Guests?
I'm looking forward to seeing Guests at the Parks soon!

Key activities for the Ambassador:
  • Introducing the Tokyo Disney Resort to the public through promotional and publicity events via television, radio and magazine.
  • Visiting hospitals and other social welfare facilities.
  • Paying a courtesy calls on VIPs, participating in community events and hosting VIP guests, including heads of foreign countries, at the Tokyo Disney Resort.
The official induction ceremony will take place at 10:00am on January 1st, 2006 at Showbase in Tokyo Disneyland's Tomorrowland.

2006 tdr ambassador

-- Source: Disney Fan magazine and various sources.

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