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Create Some Magic

Have you ever wondered how Walt Disney Company creates all those titles for the various shows, parades and special events at Tokyo Disney Resort? It must take some deep creativity to come up with such classic favorites as "Super Duper Jumpin' Time", "Royal Princess Procession", and "Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights." We think we figured out how Imagineers and show creators come up with these names. And we'll let you in on the secret! Use Disney Show Name Generator called, "Create the Magic!" and become an Imagineer for a second! Send us your best titles and we'll post them!

Click below to Create Some Magic!

Some recently created Disney Magic!

Disney Spectacular Time

Walt Disney's Blazing Anniversary

Christmas Fantastic Mardi Gras

Goofy's Big Party Gras

Tokyo Disneyland Fantastic Fantasy

Walt Disney's Electrical Mardi Gras

Disney's Magical Party

Minnie's Dream Panic

Buzz Lightyear's Viva Fantasy

Tokyo DisneySea Magical Greeting

Special thanks to WolfMeister at
for originally creating this script for his
Band Name Generator. Check it out!

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