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The classiest theme park of them all celebrates the holidays in its own way this year! Experience the magic of Christmas in a magificent and subtle way with various events to keep you warm and snug during the winter. A nighttime fan favorite returns as well as new yuletide segments of the Park's stage shows. Enjoy the sights and sounds from November 7th to December 25th.

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xmas 2006 decorations atmosphere Park Decorations, Event Merchandise & Atmosphere

One of the greatest things about coming to the Park during this season is to feel the magic of the holidays! "American Waterfront" and various other locations are adorned with ornaments that showcase the festivities. Check out the latest merchandise and special menu offerings available during the season!

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xmas 2006 big band beat Big Band Beat
(Christmas Version)

A new show for the season is playing at the Broadway Music Theater! A segment of the popular jazz revue show now features Christmas songs and dance to celebrate the special days! Join Mickey and his friends along with a dazzling jazz band in this fun and exciting program playing only through December 25th!

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xmas 2006 over the waves Over the Waves
(Christmas Version)

Mari and Tonio are stowaways on the S.S. Columbia on their way to meet there ailing mother in Italy. They try to fit in with the regular passengers by pretending to be part of the crew. They get caught, but are given a special gift by Cruise Director Mickey when their dilemma is discovered.

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xmas 2006 candlelight reflections Candlelight Reflections

Once the evening sets in, the mood changes into a more romantic tone. "Mediterranean Harbor" is turned into a forest of beautiful lights surrounding your favorite Disney characters. Be witness to a procession of bright points as they float around the Harbor to soothing original music based on Ravel's "Bolero."

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