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New Year's Festa 2005

Mickey and Minnie open the New Year in grand fashion as they put on a show rich in culture and tradition at "Tokyo DisneySea"! Now imagine a Japanese-style parade marching down the streets of early 20th-century New York! Well, that's what we got this year. Everything from "mikoshi" to performing firefighters to "mochi-making", we ring in 2005 with music and dance! Yoi o-toshi wo!

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new years 2005 decorations Park Decorations & Sites

Here we feature some of the decorations that adorned "DisneySea Plaza" and other sites around "American Waterfront" and "Arabian Coast". We also feature a rare look into actual "o-mochi" (soft rice cake) making!

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new years 2005 show New York "Oshougatsu" Greeting

The best of Japanese celebrations comes to NEW Japan! That's right, our Japanese guests (or hosts) along with Mickey and his pals put a few tradtional Japanese rituals on display in this fun and entertaining show from "Waterfront Park".

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