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Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary

Disney à la Carte 2008

Once again the New York International Fair welcomes you to a day full of fun events, special treats and delicious eats! View the beautiful decorations and the tasty menu with a sampling of food from different places! Enjoy the times with a fun, new dance and song show by the SS Columbia celebrating the tastes of the world! The events runs from September 12th through October 31st!

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Disney a la Carte 2008 Decorations Park Decorations

The Park has various decorations and photo locations from DisneySea Plaza to American Waterfront. Waterfront Park is also the site of the New York International Fair featuring the best in world cuisine and cultural delights!

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Disney a la Carte 2008 Merchandise Event Merchandise

This event's theme has become quite popular in the past few years. The international menu available at various restaurants and snack shacks are also a big draw to this great event during the fall season!

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Disney a la Carte 2008 Show A Table is Waiting

The grand program has Lumiere as the host and you as the guest! A delicious menu and entertainment from Asia and the Americas are guaranteed to entertain your heart and satisfy your hunger for a great time at the Park!

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