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The Park is celebrating with beautiful special events dedicated to the wishes we all have! Minnie takes center stage in two shows this year for the Park's 4th Anniversary festivities. Take a look at the wonderful displays and colors that adorn the Park. Then watch as Minnie's Ring brings magic and love to Porto Paradiso. Finally, hear the divas as they fulfill Minnie's desires wish! Enjoy these wonderful moments from September 4th to October 24th, 2005!

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dramatic disneysea decorations atmosphere Park Decorations, Event Merchandise & Atmosphere

Guests are welcomed by the sights of banners, flags and flowers all around "Mediterranean Harbor" and "American Waterfont". Minnie adorns most of the decorations in the second year of this special event. We also feature shots of special event merchandise available for the Park's fourth anniversary.

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dramatic disneysea entertainment Minnie's Wishing Ring

Join Minnie and the muses from DisneySea as her wishing ring brings joy and magic to all! The magic of the ring is on display in this wonderful show at Lido Isle and Mediterranean Harbor!

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dramatic disneysea show Wish

Minnie is the main diva in this revue featuring lively dance and inspiring music for all. The three divas of land, sky and water put on a wonderful show in front of a special fountain at Waterfront Park as the main show in this year's event.

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