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Shows, Parades & Atmosphere

"Tokyo DisneySea" is host to some of the best entertainment and atmosphere of any Disney Park in the world. From live stage shows to special pyrotechnic effects, they are sure to amaze and delight you. We will also include atmosphere players and performers in this section! Have a take a look at what this Park has to offer!

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kitchen beats Kitchen Beats
February 2006 - Current

Way before serving time, our trio of chefs get out of the kitchen to bring you some sounds and vibes on their utensils and pots! Be on the lookout for a surprise chef!

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trio melodia Trio Melodia
May 2006 - Current

Once you enter the Park, you get a quick feel of the mood and atmosphere of Mediterranean Harbor. Enjoy the soothing and fun sounds of this "very genki" trio of musicians!

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porto paradiso Porto Paradiso Water Carnival
September 2001 - May 2006

The shores of Mediterranean Harbor are full of color and banter as the local citizens celebrate with a neighborhood festival. The town mayor also makes a special appearance.

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encore! Encore!
September 2001 - Current

Enjoy the classic sights and sounds of Broadway's greatest musicals! Enjoy the best that the Great White Way has to offer in this musical revue of music and dance now playing at the Broadway Music Theatre!

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braviseamo! BraviSEAmo!
July 2004 - Current

A mythical tale of two spirits meet at "Mediterranean Harbor". This new nighttime spectacular depicts the "Spirit of Water" and "Spirit of Fire" rising above the waters, fire and pyrotechnics. Enjoy this magical new show nightly!

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