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Welcome to our Tokyo DisneySea page

Welcome to "Where adventure and imagination set sail." "Tokyo DisneySea" is the second gate at "Tokyo Disney Resort". Opening in 2001, the Park is home to a variety of themed ports-of-call. Go from a romantic Italian harbor to the jungles of central America, from early 20th century America to the legendary lands of Arabia. Go from the heights of a live volcano to the underwater fantasy world of Ariel and friends. Enjoy the adventure, romance and mystery!

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disneysea plaza DisneySea Plaza

Welcome to the tribute of the open seas. Guests are greeted to the Parks themed ports as they enter and view the "AquaSphere". The "Plaza" also is also where one can see banners of special events, get help for a variety of services and take a picture with their favorite characters!

DisneySea Plaza Main Page

mediterranean harbor Mediterranean Harbor

Go away to the land in a romantic area along the Mediterranean. These themed port is home to the "Hotel Mira Costa" as well as a number of restaurants. Ride with the singing gondaliers or take a trip on the transit steamers or discover the wonders of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers!

Mediterranean Harbor Main Page

american waterfront American Waterfront

Take a walk down a street in turn-of-the-century New York or a peaceful stroll along the shores of "Cape Cod". This area provides a view of a great luxury ship and a stunning musical theater. Along the "Hudson River" docks, one can relax in the quite "Waterfront Park" or take a ride on some spiffy autos.

American Waterfront Main Page

mysterious island Mysterious Island

The largest tribute in the Park is a mammoth active volcano in the middle of the Park. As an homage to Jule Verne's world and works, this themed port is home to an indoor thrill ride and an awe-inspiring underwater exploration. You'll also be able to find the most popular snack stand in the whole Park!

port discovery Port Discovery

Prepare to journey into the future of transportation and technology. Experience the fun of randomly riding on water aboard some wayward vessels. Take a wild flight into the eye of an approaching storm and see what happens when things don't go to plan. For something more peaceful, take the railway!

lost river delta Lost River Delta

You're in a dense jungle near the old ruins of an ancient civilization. The place in central America and you're an explorer searching inside a lost temple. Walk around as your go on a trip avoiding the wrath of the gods. Now that you've made it through that with your life intact. Have a cerveza and take a siesta!

Lost River Delta Main Page

mermaid Mermaid Lagoon

You're invited to swim through "Triton's Kingdom" and view the sites of "Ariel's Playgound" in this underwater fantasy world for the entire family. Play with the jellyfish, race the blowfish or spin around in the whirlpool! You can also meet Ariel in person or ride on the Park's first rollercoaster!

Mermaid Lagoon Main Page

arabian coast Arabian Coast

Explore the distant and mysterious lands of Arabia with Aladdin and his friends. Whether you ride along with the Genie or see a surprising magic show, you'll be sure to get a smile! Watch out for the evil Jafar before you go on an adventurous journey with Sindbad! Make sure you get back safely!

Arabian Coast Main Page

shows parades atmosphere Shows, Parades & Atmosphere

The Park offers everything from ongoing stage shows to exciting water parades as part of its daily repertoire of programs. You can see a challenge among gods or a musical tribute to Broadway. Attend a luxury liner's maiden voyage ceremony or watch Donald and friends have a wacky time onstage!

Shows, Parades & Atmosphere Main Page

special events Special Events

Special events always bring out the uniqueness of this Park with memorable and fun shows all year long. From the traditional holidays events to the seasonal programs that offer audience participation, guests can feel that they can be part of something special with an enjoyable time!

Special Events Main Page

around the park Around the Park

There is a lot more to the Park than attractions and shows, there are characters greetings, special cast members, memorable moments that make everything more special. We'll try to feature the best of the best here as well as some of the more interesting aspects of the Park through our photos!

Around the Park Main Page

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