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Welcome to our Westernland page

Round 'em up and shoot 'em off here in Tokyo's "Frontierland". Here you can catch the Country Bears' fun performances, ride the Rivers of America aboard the "Mark Twain Riverboat", or take the wildest ride in the wilderness on "Big Thunder Mountain". Also, don't forget to explore famous "Tom Sawyer Island".

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westernland attractions Attractions
  • Westernland Shooting Gallery
  • Country Bear Theater
  • The Diamond Horseshoe
  • Mark Twain Riverboat
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Tom Sawyer Island Rafts

westernland shows Live Entertainment Shows
  • Horseshoe Roundup
  • Pecos Goofy Frontier Revue
  • Frontier Posse
  • Plaza Pavilion Players

westernland shops Shops
  • Frontier Woodcraft
  • Western Wear
  • General Store
  • Westernland Picture Parlour
  • Trading Post
  • Country Bear Bandwagon

westernland restaurants

westernland restaurants
Restaurants & Snacks
  • Plaza Pavilion Restaurant
  • Pecos Bill Cafe
  • Slue Foot Sue's Diamond Horseshoe
  • Mile Long Bar
  • Hungry Bear Restaurant
  • Lucky Nugget Cafe
  • The Canteen
  • Chuck Wagon

westernland miscellaneous More Photos
  • Around Westernland
  • Tom Sawyer Island
  • Plaza Pavilion Stage

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