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Meet the World

Take a trip through Japan's rich history with two Japanese kids and a crane, Japan's national symbol. Follow them on a journey from times long ago to the present in this magical and inspirational show.


Japanese Name:
miito za warudo
Opening Date:
April 15th, 1983
Closing Date:
June 30th, 2002
Attraction Type:
Attraction Duration:
19 minutes
Theatre Capacity:
200 per room (4 rooms)

No. of Pictures:
Video Available:
DOWNLOAD NOW (512 kb/s)
Windows Media (in ZIP compressed file)
87,803 Kb
24:09 (includes exterior and interior scenes)

The Carousel of Progress-type show, features an animated crane narrating a simplified version of the history of Japan to a young boy and girl. The show features an interaction between a number of audio-animatronic figures on stage with a movie screen in the background. The audience seating area rotates from stage area to stage area in four sections. This attraction was originally designed to be part of the Japan Pavillion at Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park.


The show begins with an animation showing the evolution of the Japanese archipelago full of erupting volcanos. It fades to a scene at a beach with two elementary school kids (AA figures) talking about Japan. A magical crane appears and asks them if they know about their past. The kids say no so the crane begins her explanation. A scene of coastal Japan during the Jomon Period shows primitive peoples on the island. Then it changes to a village and farming scene. The crane later explains that Shoutoku Taishi wrote Japan's first constitution. The first transition takes us to the next room.

A boat is seen going across the stage and we come to a Chinese setting when the first Japanese representatives came to start formal relations 1200 years ago. Gifts and exchanged and so is knowledge and culture such as Buddhism, arts, science and writing. As Japan was still separated by many ruling clans, there were still many battles in centuries-long civil wars. The next scene has AA figures of the first Portuguese explorers to visit the island and the introduction of guns. This lead the end of those wars. Japan began exploring outside it's own region with trade and culture exchange broadening. However, this was limited as isolationism began and Japanese were not allowed to leave the country. Few outsiders, such as the Portuguese, continued trade through Nagasaki Port.

The next scene takes us to the Edo Period and a comedic performance by classic figures Yaji-san and Kita-san. A new Japanese cultural revolution began. There are images of ukiyoe painting subjects like kimono, bonsai, sumo, kabuki, etc. There was a population boom and this lead to worsening living conditions. Later in 1853, the American "black ships" with Commodore Perry made Japan open up their eastern ports to the United States. During this time, Japan went through tremendous change with the Meiji Restoration and the new styles of government and elimination of the samurai system. Three Japanese historical figures, scholar Yuukichi Fukuzawa, well-known samurai Ryouma Sakamoto, and statesman Hirofumi Ito, discuss Japan and its future. This segment ends with images of western influence changing the country and very slight references to the military battles of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Back at the beach, the boy asks, "What is next, where do we go from here?" The crane answers that the future is theirs and that their generation will decide whatr happens to Japan. The crane sprinkles some magic dust and the screen fades into a collage of dated 1980's scenes of Japanese people in various roles including education, music, medicine, technology, sports, manufacturing, business, etc. There are clips of the shinkansen, JAL (once the attraction sponsor) airplanes, computers, etc. Finally, an origami paper crane transforms into the magical crane with the Japanese hinomaru in the background. A red hot air balloon appears out of the screen with the two kids and the crane waving bye to all the guests and the music comes to an end and the show darkens.

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