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Summertime Cool (2007)

If you think the sun bearing down at the Park is hot, be prepared for it to get even hotter! This summer's special events promise to warm you up and cool you down! As always, Goofy is up to his old tricks and not doing a very good job in front of the Castle or his workings in Toontown. End the sizzling day with a fun and hot show at Cinderella Castle featuring a popular pirate! The temperature really rises this summer from July 20th to August 31st!

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Summertime Cool 2007 Cool and Enjoy Spots Cool & Enjoy Spots

Talk a light stroll around the Park and enjoy the cool misty offerings that give you a reason to be cool and a little wet. See guests enjoy a fun way to freshen up and enjoy the day during the hot summer days this season.

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Summertime Cool 2007 Cool the Heat Cool the Heat

Goofy is back to fix the plumbing at Cinderella Castle. And once again, the water gets the best of him. But he knows how to make the best of it, by inviting his Disney friends for some fun and dance. So join in, put on your raincoat and get your yourself drenched this long hot summer!

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Summertime Cool 2007 Goofy's Cool Panic Goofy's Cool Panic

When Toontown is in danger of losing its water supply this summer, Goofy is called for help! As part of the Goofy Water Supply Company, he has brought back his Raincloud Recycling Machine. However, it doesn't work as planned. In fact, every few minutes it spews water way up in the air and gets everyone wet!

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Summertime Cool 2007 Wet and Wild Pirate Night Wet & Wild Pirate Night

Jack Sparrow makes his live debut at the Park in an firey and wet nighttime program this summer! The captain has his hands full with some lady friends followed by some of Davey Jones's gang. They turn up the heat with a spectacular display of pyrotechnics. But don't fear, our favorite seaman uses what he knows best to turn them away...water, of course!

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