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The season is warming up but things are just getting started here at the Park! There are many offerings to cool down and relax in and they all include getting wet! That's right! Whether you're getting drenched or misty sprayed, you can bet that there is a cooling off option that's right for you! But be on the lookout for Goofy and his wacky ways, cause he might just get you drenched! Enjoy these wet events and activities from July 1st to August 31st!

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Summertime Cool 2006 Cool and Enjoy Spots Cool & Enjoy Spots

Guests can get a little taste of paradise as the Park has installed several cool spots! Some secret locations can be found with misty water or squirts or raindrops to cool down Guests who visit the Park.

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Summertime Cool 2006 Cool the Heat Cool the Heat

Goofy is doing repairs to Cinderella Castle. However, something goes wrong and Goofy is helpless once the water starts shooting out! The Castle is soon dripping wet just as Mickey and other characters appear. They notice that the dancing waters are are putting on a magnificent display and are soon dancing themselves!

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Summertime Cool 2006 Goofy's Cool Panic Goofy's Cool Panic

Goofy and his new gadget, the "Raincloud Recycling Machine," is remarkable invention that collects rain clouds. However, it works a little too well and he's got more than he can handle! Now the machine is about to burst and the tank is ready to explode! Join in with your Disney friends to stop everything from getting sprayed with water!

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