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Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary

Disney's Halloween 2008

It's Halloween time so take out your costume and wear it to the Park! This year, this seasonal time coincides with the Resort's Anniversary, so there is something extra special, and perhaps scary, in the air. Enjoy the decorations and great merchandise. Also, there are two parades being performed day and night! And don't forget to ride the attraction with 999 ghosts waiting to give you a trick...or treat! The events run from September 12th through October 31st!

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halloween 2008 decorations Park Decorations

The special events seasons kickoff with Halloween! The Park is adorned with various banners, ghosts, pumpkins, spider webs, etc. Theming also includes 25th Anniversary theme and photo displays at Plaza Terrace and the Plaza hub!

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halloween 2008 merchandise Event Merchandise
& Guest Costumes

There's plenty available to commemorate guests' visits to the Park. This year, there is a variety of merchandise, souvenirs and gifts available with the Halloween theme. On selected days, guests are allowed to wear costumes of their favorite Disney characters inside the Park as well!

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halloween parade 2008 day Disney's Halloween Parade
"Let's Go Villains!" (Day)

Can Mickey and friends save you from the evil villains that want to spoil the happy Halloween festivities? Join this cute parade and celebrate with your friends the fun and exciting events!

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holiday nightmare 2008 The Haunted Mansion
Holiday Nightmare

Jack and the whole "nightmare" gang once again takeover the classic attraction for the holiday season. This attraction runs during three seasonal events, Halloween, Christmas and New Years! Enjoy coverage from past years!

2006 Coverage

halloween parade 2008 night Disney's Halloween Parade
"Banzai! Villains!" (Night)

The nighttime version of the parade has the villains in the spotlight. Mickey and friends try to make it a cheerful and fun event for all. Which side will come out on top at the end? Just watch and find out!

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