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The Princesses take over the Park this year as we celebrate all the little girls's dreams with this wonderful and colorful event. Join Minnie, Daisy, Marie and all your favorite Disney princesses in a special greeting and parade. So put on your tiara and become a princess for a day! This event runs from January 17th to April 4th, 2006.

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disney princess days 06 decorations Park Decorations

Banners and flowers align the Plaza and the Main Gateway for the year's prettiest event. The colorful views around the Park welcome guests into a wonderful world for celebrating this year's special events.

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disney princess days 06 greeting Disney Rose Princess Greeting

Want to dance together with your favorite Disney Princess? Come right up and join Aurora, Snow White and Belle as they greet you to start the day. Be sure to say hello back to them as they perform a dance number for their little princess counterparts.

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disney princess days 06 parade Disney Princess Procession:
Bouquet of Love

It's time to be a princess again in this fan-favorite parade. Minnie, Daisy and Marie ride along on scented flower-covered floats. Guests can take part in a special dance together with their favorite characters and princesses.

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