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Shows, Parades & Atmosphere

No visit to the Magic Kingdom would be complete without taking in a show or listening to the wonderous tunes of the Tokyo Disneyland Band. From the futuristic sounds of the Tomorrowland Brass to the melodies of the Mad Hatters the variety of music will leave you hips jigglin' and feet tappin'!

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the bicycle piano The Bicycle Piano
Current Atmosphere Performer

Enjoy the sounds of yesteryear with a classic Main Street musician! Listen and dance along to the music from this unique instrument and transport vehicle.

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rainy day fun Rainy Day Fun Parade
Current Parade

When the skies are dark and the drops are falling, don't despair. Join Mickey, and friends for this wet and fun character greeting as it winds its way around the Park!

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super duper jumpin' time Super Duper Jumpin' Time
September 2005 - Current

Let's start of each day with some fun and active moves! Let's try some exercises, watch a puppet show, play some games and jump, jump, jump today!

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dreams on parade Disney's Dreams on Parade:
Moving On

January 2003 - Current

Mickey and friends make all your dreams come true with this magical presentation. Close your eyes and wish along with your favorite Disney characters!

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one man's dream One Man's Dream II:
The Magic Lives On!

May 2004 - Current

A classic Disney stage show makes its way back with a new version of the magical performances paying tribute to Walt Disney's creative legacy.

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minnie oh! minnie Minnie Oh! Minnie
April 2004 - Current

Minnie Mouse gets her own stage show at "Theatre Orleans!" She livens up this show with the beats and rhythms of famous Latin dance hits. So join her and your favorite Disney characters as you enjoy the spicy sounds of "Adventureland!"

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tdlep dreamlights Tokyo Disneyland Electrical
Parade Dreamlights

June 2001 - Current

This new version of the classic nighttime parade features new floats and music. Go down memory lane with this new instant classic!

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