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Welcome to our Tokyo Disneyland page

Welcome to the "Kingdom of Dream and Magic" in Japan. Tokyo is the site of the oldest Disney theme park outside of the United States. As a perfect compliment to its sister Magic Kingdoms in the US, "Tokyo Disneyland" presents the best in magic, dreams, thrills and memories. Opening in April 1983, the Park has been the host to over 200 million guests from around the world. If you cannot make it to the Park here, be our guest via these pages and photographs!

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main gateway Main Gateway

Pass through the "Main Gateway" at the Park and enter worlds of imagination and magic. Free your mind and experience different themed lands. Dreams and fantasies come true when you're greeted by Mickey and his friends as they welcome you to a wonderful day at the Park. Guest services are also available.

world bazaar World Bazaar

Tokyo's own version of "Main Street" is under a steel and glass covering above the Guests. This land offers a mixture of architecture from Victorian-age buildings to small town America coziness and charm. There's another walkway called "Center Street" that leads to "Adventureland" and "Tomorrowland".

World Bazaar Main Page

adventureland Adventureland

Explore new and exotic lands in the amazing recreation of the classic Disneyland themed land. Tokyo's version is where you can find "Pirates of the Caribbean". Other popular attractions include "Jungle Cruise", "Western River Railroad", and the "Enchanted Tiki Room". Get set for a great time in the jungle!

Adventureland Main Page

westernland Westernland

Round 'em up and shoot 'em off here in Tokyo's "Frontierland". Here you can catch the Country Bears' fun performances, ride the Rivers of America aboard the "Mark Twain Riverboat", or take the wildest ride in the wilderness on "Big Thunder Mountain". And lastly, don't forget to explore famous "Tom Sawyer Island".

Westernland Main Page

critter country Critter Country

Enter a place where the small cute animals outnumber you 211 to one! Join Brer Rabbit and friends and take a wild and wet ride down "Splash Mountain!" The smallest of the themed lands features an underground restaurant, a photo opportunity and the "Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes!" Let's ride but don't get wet!

Critter Country Main Page

fantasyland Fantasyland

Escape into a wonderful world that includes timeless classics like "Snow White's Adventures", "Peter Pan's Flight", "it's a small world" and others. Watch out for the ghosts of the "Haunted Mansion!" And the centerpiece of the Park is the beautiful "Cinderella Castle", but a mysterious tale awaits below!

Fantasyland Main Page

toontown Toontown

Welcome to Toontown! Come on now be a toon for a day! That's right, you'll find yourself in Mickey's neighborhood as well as find all your favorite Disney characters. Visit "Minnie's House", "Chip N Dale's Treehouse", "Goofy's Bounce House", or "Donald's Boat!" You can even take a spin with Roger Rabbit!

Toontown Main Page

tomorrowland Tomorrowland

Journey through the galaxy and explore worlds beyond in this futuristic land. Let's go on a trip with "Star Tours" or swoosh through the universe in "Space Mountain!" Have fun going around in circles on the classic "Star Jets" or help shoot down some bad aliens on "Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters!"

Tomorrowland Main Page

shows parades atmosphere Shows, Parades & Atmosphere

Here we'll feature the best in entertainment the Park provides daily and nightly. We'll also have regular parades and stage shows followed by atmosphere players. Whether you love the characters or dancers or music, there is something for everyone to enjoy around the Park!

Shows, Parades & Atmosphere Main Page

special events Special Events

Special events are the highlights of the year at the Park. There is always a new show or a yearly favorite event for Guests to enjoy! The Park features these special events year-round and sometimes brings the very popular ones back due to popular demand. Sit back and enjoy the best in holiday festivities!

Special Events Main Page

around the park Around the Park

Here we'll have many photos and topics not covered in any of the other theme land areas. Everything from character photos to to snowy days at the Park to general information and Park trivia will be featured here. Be sure to come back often because there will surely be something new in this section very often!

Around the Park Main Page

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